Affordable Housing - Habitable Buildings

Habitable Buildings (class 1 structures). - Suitable for conversion to Dwellings, Weekenders and Kit Homes.

Affordable Living

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The building ranges below, are suitable for certification as Class 1 Structures when the appropriate slab or suspended floor system is specified. 

Custom designs, or modified versions of our standard product ranges can be manufactured. (Subject to practicality and Engineers Approval) Simply supply a rough sketch of your design for quotation.

Two Story Building Sample plans - (Sample Plans of  habitable buildings, by AllGal)






Two Story - Class 1 Buildings.  

 The Highlander 

 Curved Roof Highline 

 The Retreat

 Modified American Barn


Single Story Sample plans - (Sample Plans of  habitable buildings, by AllGal)


Single Story - Class 1 Buildings  

 Gable Dwellings

 Curved Roof Office