Curved Roof Carports

Curved Roof Carports

Roof curves are something that have found there way into modern architecture. The flowing lines create a shape pleasing to the eye and with the durability of steel, a confidence of the mind.
Single spans of up to 6 meters may be achieved by the cold rolled sections. Greater spans can, of course, be achieved by the use of hot rolled sections, but we are aiming for products that are simple to handle by a couple of people on site, with an ease to erect, and not require crane or specialist lifting equipment.

Saw tooth roofs or continuous curves may be achieved by the use of internal columns. Length is virtually unlimited.

The roof only structures shown may have infill walls placed to enclose the building, with provision for glass sliding doors, roller doors, or windows as desired.


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Roof Carports Steel
Curved Roof Carports 1
Curved Roof Carports 2
Curved Roof Carports 3
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