Curved Roof Garages


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Welcome to the next generation of building designs. AllGal Garages and the Williams River Steel Group are proud to bring you The Curved Roof Range. Constructed from a 1.2mm steel stud wall frame @ 600mm centres and C section roof purlins, the Curved roof design is ready to be fitted with nearly any internal lining. Custom Orb sheeting is standard on the roof and walls, with alternative wall claddings available.  

Spans from 3.6m to 7.2m, and lengths are virtually limitless.

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PDF Document : Sizes & Specs

 Off set curved roof now available
For Drawings - Click Here PDF Document

6mx 9m x 2.7m Curved Roof
   +1.2m x 9m Awning
Case Study

6mx 7.2m x 2.440LF Offset  
Curved Roof Highline + Deck
Case Study 

Internal view of standard frame work

6m x 6m x 2.7m Curved Garage