Highline Shade Savers Sheds

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Version 2

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These structures have been created to allow 2 story buildings to be built close to your neighbor’s boundary. Some councils and/or neighbors may take issue with the shadows created by your 2 story structure. These 2 designs aim to minimise the affects of shadow by limiting the eave height facing your neighbor to 3.6m high. With a steep roof pitch maximising the clearance on the upper level. 

Standard spans are from 6.0 and 7.2m. Lengths start at 7.2m long, with add on bays of 3.6m available. The frames are prefabricated and are ready for internal linings if required. These structures are usually custom designed to meet your requirements.

Claddings to the external are various, they can be provided in ZINCALUME®steel, or COLORBOND®steel (pre painted), or also a wide range of fibre cement products.

This range is commonly used as garage space on the lower floor with workshop or storage areas upstairs. 


Sample Plans Version 1

Sample Plans Version 2