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AllGal is proud to be a supplier of the Lysaght Living Collection® range of carports awnings and pergolas.

Lysaght Living Collection® is considered to be the perfect addition to every Australian home.



As all products in our range, they can be supplied in kit form, or construction undertaken by

AllGal as a liceneced builder, able to meet all statutory requirments of

Home Owner Warranty insurance, Workers Compensation for our employees,

and Public Liability insurance for the consumer.

We also ensure compliance with OH&S requirements,

undertake Work Method statements and safety analysis proir to construction,

further protecting the consumer.



Delivery to site address is included (to our usual delivery areas). 

We are able to offer Skillion or Pitched roof, or a comination of the two, The Designer Range.

                Flatdek53             Lysaght570    Lysaght443

Clear or opaue light panels can be included.


Various roof profiles profiles are offered -




 Flatdek®Flatdek-ClassicCream_Top_0115_copySpandek® Spandek-SurfMist_etched-2             


or Custom Orb®   Custom_Orb_-_Dune_0133_copy


Framing is constructed from the LYSAGHT FIRMLOK® structural beams consisting of two interlocking C-sections. They are available in three sizes F10011, F15015 and F20020 depending on your application and aesthetic preference.


  • Light, strong and universal in their application
  • A range of connection types and accessories allows you to erect your project with ease
  • Uniform in quality, doesn't warp or split, it doesn't need painting
  • Consistent straightness simplifies alignment
  • Beams are finished in a Hi-Gloss finish in colours complementing the roofing colours.


Download the Lysaght Living
Collection Brochure

The COLORBOND® steel colour palette is fresh, subtle and sophisticated. The palette draws inspiration from the Australian landscape and lifestyle. Each colour in the COLORBOND® steel colour palette is a stand alone colour, and when coordinated with other colours, the colour combinations are unlimited.

A colour guide can be found here 

Manufacturers information can be found here on the Bluescope Lysaght site.

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