Personnel Doors

Personnel Doors, or access doors are, as the name says, for the entry and egress from the building.

Common sense says that these doors, particularly in commercial applications, should open outwards.

This is to ensure quick exit from the building in the case of fire.

At AllGal, we only provide doors for you shed, of the highest standards.

We provide door blades, Colorbond ® steel both sides, mounted directly to the building frame, and finished with Colorbond steel surround flashings.


  Alternatively, we can offer pre-hung doors in a robust steel frame, that is powdercoated to  a matching colour.

We can offer single doors or double doors as required. Doors suitable for wheelchair access doors are also available

It is possible to order the doors with “white inside” to meet the needs of some government departments.

They can be fitted with the normal “key in knob” entrance set, or with lever handles on the inside or both sides.








Some specialist applications require panic bar releases. These can be provided and would generally be fitted to the door at manufacture.

They can also have permanent vents fitted, and view windows can also be fitted.

These doors are available for separate purchase, and generally can be simply installed to existing buildings.

Let us know your requirement and we will be happy to assist.