Steel Floor Systems

AllGal are able to provide floor systems to suit many applications. They may be used as the building platform for new buildings, or as an internal mezzanine floor, to create additional space. We have standard 'pre-engineered' systems, offering post spacing’s of up to 4.8metres. We are also able to offer specialist service of floor designs for greater loads and spans.

An advantage achieved with steel floor systems, is greater spans resulting in fewer columns required for support, and in turn fewer footings reducing overall costs. The majority of floors utilise Cold Form Steel sections, and occasionally hot rolled bearers fabricated off site.



Steel floor system, with steel building frame prior to cladding. Steel columns or stumps allow ease of construction even on site with substantial falls.



 Cross bracing may be required, but can generally be place to enable parking if required.
The underside can be insulated and lined or the space between joists used for storage if desired.
We look forward to finding your best solution.